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Craft beer culture - 3 of the best

What makes craft beer such a vibrant and enduring movement is the culture and community around it. However you want to share your beer experiences and nurture your knowledge, the craft beer scene has seen an explosion of websites, books, newsletters, events, apps, social media accounts, blogs and podcasts to share all that beery love. Each month we'll be highlighting a few of the media, events, and publications that have caught our eye. As James Brown put it - get up, get into it, get involved...

The 16oz Canvas


If you’re at the centre of that Venn diagram that links craft beer, design, and packaging, then the 16oz Canvas hits the sweet spot.

Every label has its own story and the 16oz Canvas podcast interviews the artists, designers and illustrators from around the world that help bring our favourite beers and breweries to life.

The 16oz project’s ambition is to “celebrate art and those who create it for the beers we love, all while learning something new about them and their craft. Each story is unique and interesting.”

What marks 16oz Canvas out from the other product-review oriented podcasts/video broadcasts common in the UK is the application of the traditional interview podcast format that allows the Founder and Host AJ Keirans to explore the inspirations and methods behind craft beer designers.

It’s a truly global approach featuring the cream of US brewery designers (where the podcast is based) through to Europe and the UK. Recent highlights include James Ockelford (North Brewing Co.), David Sedgwick (Track Brewery), and Nanna Guldbaek (Lervig). With well over 100 available episodes there’s plenty to entertain you on your next walk to the taproom.

Caña newsletter


Superbly designed with a fresh visual style, Caña is a newsletter that explores craft beer culture (as well as the wider drinks industry and social happenings). The newsletter is a spin off from an initial project to produce a fiercely independent print magazine dedicated to the stories, people and culture surrounding the craft beer industry and beyond.

Expect to see some insightful nuggets landing in your inbox exploring the latest beer releases, destination venues, city guides, and the lowdown on interesting design projects, magazines, music and whatever else tickles their tummy.. A refreshing 360 approach joining the dots from craft beer to art, design, books, and music.

The website’s currently in development with some interesting content planned, keep an eye on it for updates – you can sign up for the newsletter there right now…

Indie Beer biz

[Website|Social media]

Indie Beer Biz offer industry level news and analysis primarily aimed at independent brewery owners but with loads of insight into trends, market reports, and innovations that will interest the curious craft beer lover.

The website has a strong journalistic feel covering areas such as sales & marketing, operations, and sales. It's a mix of news, features, case studies and industry reports with some great links to external features such as this piece on brand development.

Lock on to their Twitter feed (@indiebeerbiz) where they redistribute a lot of content across the channel from a huge variety of craft beer sources, alongside their own web content.

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